We are the 99%!

For forty years I played by the rules: I went to work, paid my bills, kept up with technological changes in the trade, and even supported the family on my income alone for many years. I have no regrets, not one. Now, before I’m eligible for my meager Social Security benefits, I’m out of work nearly a year. The stock crashes wiped out most of my 401(k). And then some politicians tell me I should “blame myself” for being out of work. They tell me that I’m expressing “resentment and envy” and instigating “class warfare.” I know this much: there are millions just like me. We are not to blame for our situation, and we did not start this “class warfare.” But we will sure as hell finish it! We are the 99%.


About Tom the Printer

I’m just a working guy who is now facing either (1) a career change or (2) early retirement after thirty-nine years in the printing trades. I’m not so different from you. Will I survive? Of course. Am I angry? You betcha, and so should you be.
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